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Olson-Wegner Award

Criteria for Selection

The intent of this award is to recognize outstanding contributions of Department of the Air Force enlisted aeromedical personnel to the aerospace organization. The nominee should have demonstrated an outstanding concern for aerospace personnel. The nominee should have a documented record of outstanding achievement in the aeromedical support of the aerospace community.


Any member of the Society can nominate an individual. The Chairman of the Awards Committee of the Society will prepare and send a letter to the command surgeon of each major command (MAJCOM), including the United States Air Force Academy, the Air National Guard, and the Air Force Reserves. Each MAJCOM surgeon's office may select and present one nominee for consideration to the Awards Committee. The nomination will consist of a completed form which includes a one-page narrative summary outlining the nominee's qualifications for the award and accomplishments. The nomination package may be supported by two letters of recommendation, each no longer than one page in length. These recommendations must include an endorsement from the nominee's medical group commander and one from the aerospace operational squadron commander. Nomination packages must be received electronically by the Chairman of the Awards Committee.

Olson-Wegner Award: News

Past Winners

*As of 1998, the award was split into three categories, for Airmen, NCO and Senior NCO. Each subsequent year has three winners.

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