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Message from the President

Thank you for visiting the Society of United States Air Force Flight Surgeons (SoUSAFFS) web page. We are the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) constituent organization which represents all Air Force flight surgeons (FS): active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and retired. The society exists to advocate for USAF FSs at the national and international level and to advance education, cross-talk, mentoring, and networking among all flight surgeons.

SoUSAFFS was established in 1960 to more specifically support the USAF FS than AsMA at-large could. Since then, SoUSAFFS members have contributed in immeasurable ways to the advancement of the art and science of Aerospace Medicine and have shaped the Air Force Medical Service into the premier organization that it is today. Many SoUSAFFS members are icons in aerospace medicine for this reason. AsMA is growing to encompass human performance and this is perfectly consonant with the AFMS’ vector. This is an exciting time to be an Air Force Flight Surgeon!

If you are not an AsMA member, please join. If you are an AsMA member and eligible to be a SoUSAFFS member but aren’t (see membership criteria; note that you don’t have to be a US FS to join!).

If you are a SoUSAFFS member, please update your profile and become a committee member. We need your support and talents to make SoUSAFFS even better!

Help us keep the USAF flying!

Enjoy the flight!


Col Sanjay "Swipe" Gogate, USAF, MC, CFS
President, SoUSAFFS

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Society Purpose

The Society shall direct its efforts toward continuing strong contributions to the mission of the Air Force, foster the mission orientation of its members, and emphasize to commanders the benefits of its professional contributions.

It shall foster the advancement of the art and science of aerospace medicine throughout the Air Force and will encourage the clinical, laboratory, flight line, and inflight investigation of human performance and medical problems in Air Force flying, missile, and space operations, and will encourage the dissemination of the knowledge and experience gained.

It shall foster professional relations between its members and flying personnel of the Air Force, members of other military services, the civilian flying population, and the aerospace industry, and will endeavor to increase the military and civilian awareness of the high standards of practice maintained by Air Force flight surgeons.

It shall strive to interest young physicians in an Air Force career in aerospace medicine and board certification in the specialty.

It shall encourage the professional growth and development of its members to maintain the highest standard of practice of aerospace medicine in the Air Force.

It shall recommend to the Surgeon General, United States Air Force, appropriate measures for the improvement of the career and practice of aerospace medicine in the United States Air Force.

It shall strengthen professional ties, promote social interchange among its members, and increase the solidarity of the group in its practice of the specialty and the support of the Air Force mission.

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