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Howard R. Unger

Criteria for Selection

The intent of this award is to recognize published original work by Department of the Air Force flight surgeons in the field of Aerospace Medicine. Scoring is based on various criteria including study design, scope, relevance, and impact on the field of aerospace medicine.


There are no restrictions as to rank, age, or membership in the Society. Articles in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine primarily authored by Department of the Air Force active duty, reserve, or guard flight surgeons are eligible. Although original research is preferred, articles such as “You’re The Flight Surgeon” and “Aerospace Medicine Case Files” are also eligible. Past winners may not be considered again for a period of two years.


Any member of the Society may make nominations. The Chairman of the Awards Committee of the Society will collect and send eligible article to the members of the committee for scoring.

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Award Selection

The Chairman of the Awards Committee will prepare a ballot on which will appear the names of the selected nominees. The ballot will be provided to each voting member of the awards committee.

Each member will rank the nominees after scoring according to the scheme below or write “abstain” on the ballot.

Scoring scheme is:

  • 10 points for Operational Relevance;

  • 10 points for Impact;

  • 10 points for Study Design Quality;

  • 10 points for Scope.

The winner will be the nominee receiving the highest rankings. In the event that only a single name is entered in nomination for the award in a given year, the President of the Society will determine as to whether that person should receive the award. Following tabulation of rankings, the Chairman of the Awards Committee will provide the name of the winner to the Society President before the winner is announced to the Board. The President shall have the final right to approve the winner as recipient of the award. If the President does not so approve, the award will not be given in that year.

The President of the Society (or the Chair of the Awards Committee if the President desires) will announce the award winner at the Society of USAF Flight Surgeons Luncheon held during the annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association. A plaque will be presented to the award winner at this luncheon. In order to align all Society awards, beginning in May 2008, the award will be given for the calendar year immediately proceeding the award presentation.

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Past Winners

Howard R. Unger Award: Text
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