The Flight Surgeon Oath

I will at all times remember my responsibility as a guardian of the skies

I will uphold the sacred charge to promote the health and well-being of those aviators entrusted to me

My studies will be unending

My efforts ceaseless

Those who place their lives and the lives of their loved ones in my hands will not be disappointed

My obligation as a flight surgeon is to move ever forward in the mastery of my skill

I promise to practice the medical arts with forthrightness and honor

My skills must remain sharp, my mind quick – Lest I fail those whom I've sworn to protect

My insight and knowledge can turn the tide of battle

The skies of tomorrow await the discoveries of today

As an Airmen, I dedicate my efforts to the well being of the United States of America

As an officer, I will always live the Air Force values

Integrity First

Service Before Self

Excellence in All I do

As a healer, I dedicate my efforts to the well being of mankind

I wear the sacred wings of my profession with the pride and understanding that I carry the legacy

of brave men and women who have given their lives so that I might better protect my fellow Americans

From the skies above, aviators are not separated by mountain and sea- they are joined by a common sky

I will bring all of them home, my word is my bond, these wings my manifesto

I do solemnly swear these things by the heavens in which we fly

I am an Air Force Flight Surgeon

Thank you for visiting the Society of United States Air Force Flight Surgeons (SoUSAFFS) web page. We are the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) constituent organization who represents all Air Force flight surgeons (FS): active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and retired. The society exists to advocate for USAF FS at the national and international level and to advance education, cross-talk, mentoring, and networking among all flight surgeons.

SoUSAFFS was established in 1960 to more specifically support the USAF FS than AsMA at large could. Since then SoUSAFFS members have contributed in immeasurable ways to the advancement of the art and science of Aerospace Medicine and have shaped the Air Force Medical Service into the premier organization that it is. Many SoUSAFFS members are icons in aerospace medicine for this reason. AsMA is growing to encompass human performance and this is perfectly consonant with the AFMS’ vector. This is an exciting time to be an Air Force Flight Surgeon!

If you are not an AsMA member, please join. If you are an AsMA member and eligible to be a SoUSAFFS member but aren’t (see membership criteria; note that you don’t have to be a US FS to join!) please complete the membership application and email it to the membership organizational email box.

If you are a SoUSAFFS member please update your profile. If you are a SoUSAFFS member, please become committee member. We need your support and talents to make SoUSAFFS even better!

Help us keep the USAF flying and enjoy the flight!

Col Robert "MOBBIC" York, USAF, MC, SFS
President, SoUSAFFS

What's New?
March 2017 - Winter FlightLines Posted

The Winter 2017 (PDF) issue of Flightlines has been posted online.

Feb 2017 - Call for SoUSAFFS Officer Nominations

It's time to begin the process of electing next year's SOUSAFFS leaders as we approach our annual society meeting in May. According to society By-Laws, we are seeking nominations to identify successors for President-elect, Secretary, and three Members-At-Large for the Board of Governors. These individuals will begin their term following the annual Society meeting during AsMA in May 2016.

The nominations process will proceed as follows:

1. Members in good standing may nominate individuals for any of the above positions via email to: Lt Col Raymond Clydesdale.

2. The nomination window opens now and continues through 31 Mar 2017. Please include the name of individual and position to be considered for in the body of the email.

Due to geographic and communications limitations, the Nominations Committee will consider a nomination "seconded" if the same individual has been nominated by at least one other society member.

4. Once the nominations window closes on 31 Mar 2017, the Nominations Committee will build the voting slate which will include no more than the top 5 candidates for each position.

5. Voting process & instructions will follow in a subsequent message.

Dec 2016 - AsMA and SoUSAFFS Awards Package Call

The SoUSAFFS and AsMA Awards Committees have asked me to encourage nominations for several award categories (below).

AsMA Awards:

STAPP AWARD: To recognize outstanding contributions in the field of aerospace biomechanics and to promote progress in protection from injury resulting from ejection, vibration, or impact.

KLINKER AWARD: To recognize significant contributions to, or achievements in the field of aeromedical evacuation.

TAMESIEA AWARD: Awarded to an Aviation Medical Examiner or other individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the art and science of aviation medicine in its application to the general aviation field.

BOOTHY-EDWARDS AWARD: Presented for outstanding research and/or clinical practice directed at the promotion of health and prevention of disease in professional airline pilots.

LONGACRE AWARD: Given for outstanding accomplishment in the psychological and psychiatric aspects of aerospace medicine.

ADMIRAL JOHN C. ADAMS AWARD: Established in honor of Admiral John C. Adams and sponsored by the Society of US Naval Flight Surgeons. It is given annually for the most significant contributions to operational Aerospace Medicine, either during a single defined period (e.g., deployment), or over a career. (New Award for 2016).

Submit all nominations by 1 Feb 2017 to the Awards Committee Chair, Dr. Jeff Myers, and Ms. Gisselle Vargas. The nominee must be an AsMA member by 1 February 2016. AsMA Award submissions do not require MAJCOM or base-level endorsement and any AsMA member may submit an award nomination using the AsMA Award Nomination Form(s). Please send all submissions directly to the Awards Committee Chair. For questions, email Dr. Jeff Myers or Col Robert Craig-Gray.

SoUSAFFS Awards:

MALCOLM C. GROW AWARD: Recognizing outstanding contributions of Air Force flight surgeons to flying organizations. This award not only recognizes these accomplishments but also focuses attention on those qualities most essential to our primary mission. Criteria and Past Winners

OPERATIONAL FLIGHT SURGEON SAFETY AWARD: Recognizes nominees who have made significant contributions to safety over the preceding calendar year (not restricted to aviation safety). Criteria and Past Winners

OLSON-WEGNER AWARD: Recognizes aeromedical enlisted personnel for their contributions to the Air Force Aerospace Medicine Program. The award is divided into three categories: Airman, NCO, and Senior NCO. Criteria and Past Winners

TEAM AEROSPACE AWARD: Recognizes an active duty or ARC team for significant contributions to the Mission and Vision of Team Aerospace over the preceding calendar year. Criteria and Past Winners

GEORGE E. SCHAFER AWARD: Recognizes outstanding contributions of Air Force flight surgeons to the health, welfare, safety, and mission effectiveness of USAF aircrew as well as to the vitality of the specialty of Aerospace Medicine over an extended period of time. Criteria and Past Winners

HOWARD R. UNGER AWARD: Recognizes the best paper written by a USAF flight surgeon that is published in Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine during the previous year. Criteria and Past Winners

Nominations must be coordinated through your respective MAJCOM/SGP. MAJCOM/SGP will determine their local submission deadlines independently. Please use the award nomination forms for each individual award. MAJCOM/SGPs please submit all nominations to the attention of the SoUSAFFS Awards Chair, Col Robert Craig-Gray. All Awards nominations are due to the SoUSAFFS Awards Committee by 28 Feb 2017.

Please encourage your bases to submit their worthy candidates for these prestigious awards. For questions please contact the SOUSAFFS Awards Chair at DSN 896-4273 or via email.

President, SOUSAFFS

December 2016 - Fall FlightLines Posted

The Fall 2016 (PDF) issue of Flightlines has been posted online.

August 2016 - Spring FlightLines Posted

The Spring 2016 (PDF) issue of Flightlines has been posted online.

April 2016 - SoUSAFFS Award Winners

Congratulations to the new award winners
Malcolm Grow - Capt Paul Dejulio
George E. Schafer - Col Hernando Ortega
Operational Flight Safety - Capt Mitchell Radigan
Team Aerospace - Hurlburt Field, FL
Howard Unger - Lt Col John Miles
Olson-Wegner - SrA Jacori Owens, TSgt Marc Villano, MSgt Mathew Warters
Julian E. Ward - Lt Col Stephanie Davis

April 2016 - New SoUSAFFS Officers

Congratulations newly elected officers.
Vice President - Col Sparky Matthews
Treasurer- Lt Col Hankey MacSparran
Board Members - Col Slash Hughes, Col Cheech Nieves, Lt Col Kevin Hettinger

April 2016 - Voting Now OPEN

Voting for President-Elect, Treasurer and Members at Large now open for active members.

Login to vote.

March 2016 - Winter FlightLines Posted

The Winter 2016 (PDF) issue of Flightlines has been posted online.

Society Purpose

The Society shall direct its efforts toward continuing strong contributions to the mission of the Air Force, foster the mission orientation of its members, and emphasize to commanders the benefits of its professional contributions.

It shall foster the advancement of the art and science of aerospace medicine throughout the Air Force and will encourage the clinical, laboratory, flight line, and inflight investigation of human performance and medical problems in Air Force flying, missile, and space operations, and will encourage the dissemination of the knowledge and experience gained.

It shall foster professional relations between its members and flying personnel of the Air Force, members of other military services, the civilian flying population, and the aerospace industry, and will endeavor to increase the military and civilian awareness of the high standards of practice maintained by Air Force flight surgeons.

It shall strive to interest young physicians in an Air Force career in aerospace medicine and board certification in the specialty.

It shall encourage the professional growth and development of its members to maintain the highest standard of practice of aerospace medicine in the Air Force.

It shall recommend to the Surgeon General, United States Air Force, appropriate measures for the improvement of the career and practice of aerospace medicine in the United States Air Force.

It shall strengthen professional ties, promote social interchange among its members, and increase the solidarity of the group in its practice of the specialty and the support of the Air Force mission.